Lost in Shanghai

I just got back from shanghai and boy wasn’t it a trip to write home about. I knew they blocked certain websites and apps but my recent trip everything was not accessible Instagram, GMAIL twitter, YouTube you name it GONE! It was so freshening in a way that I wasn’t exactly prepared to be disconnected just like that. Was I even ready for this so called think week that I’d be yearning for?! Steve jobs often did a think week to get quiet and create ideas from nothingness. I guess the point of power is always in the now. So here we go this is your ultimate shanghai experience and a bit about everything east of the world. 


Old town 


So let’s just face it the Chinese know what they are doing. The train from the airport is apparently the fastest train in the world and runs on magnetic strips. Just slightly more advanced than the Heathrow express... no offence London. It was the middle of summer too so be prepared to be a swetty mess. Also be prepared to do a lot of sign language it will really put your sherades talents to the test. People had said a lot of people speak English here, but for me it was pretty much non existent.


The Bund 

Shanghai Tower

Chinese Lucky numbers if you ever wanted to know are 6 8 9 10 11  #FunFact

I didn’t really have an action plan of what to do but as I came out of Yuan Garden station a lady by the name of Eco passed me and asked if she could have her photo taken she was an English teacher and insisted telling me all about the top things to do in Shanghai. Those moments I realised everything is always in flow, and that I need to trust that my inner being is always guiding me towards something great. 

Her top 8 things to discover in shanghai!  


Top 8 things 


Oh what a beautiful garden.

Yuan Yuan Garden 

I was then invited down a few hidden streets tucked behind an antique shop we were whisked into this tea ceremony performance. We chose the number 6 tea which represented everything will be fine. We taste tested, rubbed Buddha’s belly and rolled hot shot glasses over our faces. It was quite the experience, I must say! Not to mention the most expensive cup of tea I’ve ever had at a custom price tag of $125 for 2 ! 

I was also performing here in shanghai and I said I’m going to do this differently. I can do this differently not being intimidated by the incredible Chinese mafia ballet coop but being totally in alignment with my power and professional stance I took to the stage in a new light and a new mind set that I can just bring joy and see what happens. I eventually got the audiences approval of that they loved my performance and trusted in knowing my abilities are being well looked after from above. Continually testing and trying out new ways to shine on this planet we tilt closer to our true selves and knowing that everything is ok, and will be ok. 


"Feeling Good"

One of my favourite routines to perform 


Ta Da! 




International Dance Centre 

They have a beautiful section of buildings (above pic) dedicated to the art of Dance called the Shanghai International Dance Centre. Two theatres one called the experimental theatre which makes you feel like you’re in some science school project and the stunning Grand Theatre which is more on a take of a contemporary opera house. Side note I saw the Shanghai Ballet perform swan lake and what a treat they were like clock work I hadn’t seen such precise dancing and togetherness in all my life actually. Bravo ! Also I remembered that there choreography looked vaguely familiar, until I looked down to see it was Derek Dean's version which I had danced many moons ago with English National Ballet. #SmallWorld  


Just a beautiful skyline 

Unfortunately for 5 days I got struck with a case of tummy bug issues as a result of eating and pretending to be like a local. The toilet was indeed my friend for the next 5 days. ( basically watch what you eat ?!? ) 


Applying some Zen

Behind me Buddha made out of pure silver whilst people bow and prey for abundance and prosperity!

They really practice the art of giving and reciving they would just give you money if you didn’t have enough cash on you and in the metro line giving you an extra $ note if it didn’t work this act of kindness and generosity was just so beautiful. They innately know what goes out comes back multipled. A certain trusting that all is well in the world is a quality us westerners can consciously adopt. 


Metro system is pretty much ace you can get anywhere around shanghai for nearly nothing.

#FunFact its apparently the biggest metro system in the world. 


Spirt Animal PANDA 

Shanghai Zoo - I mean if you didn't get a picture of a Panda did you even really go?!?



If fake markets are your thing then head to the shanghai science and technology museum metro stop all the shops are underground as you get out of the station. Bargaining is a fine art and you can get some pretty amazing deals. 


Sweaty Betty 


Cool Chinese Chic 

Riding a bike around Shanghai #SoSustainable 


Be prepared 

TO eat this breaky, lunch + Dinner.

A great way to get your greens in.  


To end this trip I had a friend recommend me attend the Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Ritzy Waldorf Astoria Shanghai. I've seen reviews saying its the best culinary experience they have ever had. That immediately had my foodie taste buds in a jealous rage when I couldn't attend the luxe event as I had to leave a day early. However I'll leave that experience in your hands to try, so you can let me know. 

Do yourself a favour and tick Shanghai off your list of cities to visit as it certainly broadened my perception and reality of what exists in this world and how we are all just living our lives in the same time and space just different points of existence. 

Zhànshí zàijiàn 

Aaron x