Feeling good is the name of the game

So I’ve literally danced around the world and more so to this song "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. This dance above reminded me of this very feeling. I’m constantly reminded of feeling good in every aspect of my life and this dance certainly does that for me here is some footage of me and may I say some wonderful camera angles - like I said the chinese know what they're doing. This is of me performing this joyous number in Shanghai recently.

I got interviewed on why it seems to be a crowd favourite?!? I responded it’s all about joy and uplifting people and if that is my main purpose to be here, then I think I have done my job. A very kind human insisted on telling me after my performance that it’s not everyday that you see a performer that holds the audience in the palm of there hand and has control over how they react and feel, and you sir have that in buckets. I don’t know if that man knew anything about dance but hey he felt something.

Meanwhile have a look and get transported to a higher place with Nina and I and spread the joy of life. May you make it your deliberate intent to always and forever feel good wherever you are.

Blessings Aaron x